Images by: Torleif Kvinnesland

Images by: Torleif Kvinnesland

At the start of the summer we brought some amps, a Strat and a lot of good vibes up to the Norwegian mountains

We also brought the guys from Spætt Film and the Norwegian guitar wizard Stig Nergård. The center of attention though, was none other than a completely new product in the Aalberg ensemble. The time had come to make a killer demo video.

Photographer Torleif Kvinnesland captured it all, and since you guys digg gear and a lot of you seem to like the Norwegian nature, we wanted to share some of the pictures with you.

Exactly what the new product is, we're gonna keep a secret a bit longer, but we imagine that it's not a big surprise that it has wireless compatibility!

In the upcoming months we're gonna drop a series of posts related to the release of our new product. 

By following our NEWS column you'll get insight to how Aalberg Audio aim to revolutionise creative freedom in musical expression, yet again. 

What do you hope the new Aalberg Audio product is?


Enjoy the summer!