The MOON is a wireless receiver that can control all your musical equipment using  custom cable adaptors:

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Control your MIDI devices wirelessly by sending any MIDI message from the MOON.
Can be used with all MIDI-controllable gear, including Kemper Amps, flagship Strymon pedals, Ableton Live and Garageband to name a few. 


The MOON MIDI control can also control DAW's like Ableton Live, Mainstage and Guitarrig.

Use the MOON in a live or studio situations to get direct control over your DAW from your instrument.


Directly map the functionality you want to control with your AERO Wireless Controller through MIDI learn.

Use the MOON as a wirelessly controlled ABY switcher or FX-loop:

  • ABY: toggle between two pedal chains or amplifiers
  • FX-LOOP: activate and bypass your favorite effects pedals

Plug the MOON directly into the footswitch input of your amp to switch between channels and onboard FX - wirelessly.

  • Replaces any standard 1- or 2-button footswitch that uses a TRS jack connection
  • Supports both latched and momentary footswitch modes


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