The Aalberg ROM pedal gives you the sound of the Norwegian mountains. Using sophisticated and brand new technology, Aalberg ROM uses complex algorithms to give musicians endless varieties of realistic and warm sounding reverb effects in both mono and stereo.

The ALT foot switch toggles between different pre-configured user settings. Easily alternate between two different types of reverb or different types of Pre-Delay values using the pedal or the AERO controller.

Like all pedals from Aalberg Audio, the settings for the Aalberg ROM, including store/recall presets can be controlled using the Aalberg AERO AE-1 Wireless Controller (sold separately) and the free REMOTE app.

The Aalberg ROM is powered using a standard 9V power adaptor (not included).

Controls: SIZE, EQ, MIX, Bypass ON/OFF, FX-Select, ALT. 





    • Parameters: Size, EQ and Mix

    • Switch between plate and hall reverb

    • Compatible with AERO AE-1 Wireless Controller

    • Upgrade firmware and sound algorithms by using the Aalberg Update app (iOS only)

    • Control pedal and get extended functionality using the Aalberg Remote App (Coming soon)

    • For in-depth information on the ROM RO-1, see our User Manual



    • Impedance: 

      • Input: 1MΩ

      • Output: 1kΩ

    • Connectors:

      • IN (mono/stereo)

      • OUT (mono/stereo)

    • Power Supply: 9V DC 250 mA

    • Dimensions (H x L x W):

      • mm: 55,4 x 141,0 x 89,3

      • inches: 2,18 x 5,55 x 3,52

    • Weight: 533 gram (1,18 lb)