The Aalberg TRYM Tremolo Pedal delivers everything from a hard-hitting square wave to a gentler sine wave shaped tremolo effect, with endless possibilities in between. With the Tap-tempo foot-switch you can change the tremolo speed, and by using stereo mode you can alternate the tremolo effect from left to right providing a spacious and mesmerizing tremolo effect.

As with all Aalberg Audio pedals, the settings for the Aalberg TRYM, including presets and tap-tempo can be easily controlled from the Aalberg AERO AE-1 Wireless Controller (sold separately) and the free REMOTE app.

The Aalberg TRYM is powered using a standard 9V power adaptor (not included).

Controls: SPEED, SHAPE, DEPTH, Bypass ON/OFF, FX-Select, Tap-Tempo. 




    • Parameters: Speed, Shape, and Depth

    • Use tap tempo to set the speed of the tremolo effect

    • Multiple signal configurations

    • Upgrade firmware and sound algorithms by using the Aalberg Update app (iOS only)

    • Control pedal and get extended functionality using the Aalberg Remote App (Coming soon)

    • For in-depth information on the TRYM TR-1, please see our User Manual



    • Impedance: 

      • Input: 1MΩ

      • Output: 1kΩ

    • Connectors:

      • IN (mono/stereo)

      • OUT (mono/stereo)

    • Power Supply: 9V DC 250 mA

    • Dimensions (H x L x W):

      • mm: 55,4 x 141,0 x 89,3

      • inches: 2,18 x 5,55 x 3,52

    • Weight: 533 gram (1,18 lb)