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Casio Privia PX-870

The Privia PX-870 is the flagship of the world-renowned Privia line of digital pianos, designed to give you a true grand piano experience.


The prices can vary depending on the website you are buying it from, but mainly it stays between 700 and 950 euros. You can check the latest offers here!


  • Slim and stylish design
  • Comes with 3 pedals
  • Hammer Action Keyboard with Ivory & Ebony feel
  • 19 beautiful sounds
  • New improved piano tone
  • 256-note polyphony
  • 40W sound projection system
  • Concert play feature
  • Built-in MIDI and Audio recorder


  • Not very portable
  • Few built-in sounds, sound effects
  • A bit noisier key action than that of the competitors

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The PX-870’s award-winning AiR Sound Source includes a new four-layer stereo grand piano which comes alive with realistic damper resonance, simulating the entire body of the instrument, not just the strings. The piano also includes key action sounds, key off simulation, adjustable hammer response, and a lid simulator with four positions. In addition, the PX-870 also includes string resonance, which exposes the sympathetic harmonic relationships between vibrating strings.

Specifications of Casio Privia PX-870:

  • Dimensions (W x D x H)

1,393 x 299 x 801 mm

(w/o music stand)

  • Weight

34.3 kg (w/o music stand)

  • Keyboard

88-key, Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II (Simulated ebony and ivory keys)

  • Touch Response

3 sensitivity levels, Off

  • Sound Source

AiR Sound Source

String Resonance, Damper Resonance, Damper Noise, Hammer Response, Lid Simulator, Key Off Simulator, Key Action Noise

  • Maximum Polyphony


  • Tones

19 built-in tones

  • Layer/S

Layer (Excluding bass tones), Split (Low-range bass tones only)

  • Digital Effectsplit

Hall Simulator (4 types), Chorus (4 types), Brilliance(-3 to 0 to 3), DSP (preset for some tones)

  • Built-in Songs

10 Concert Play, 60 (Music Library)

  • Song Expansion

10 songs (max.) Up to approximately 90 KB/song

  • Lesson Function

Part ON/OFF (Lesson part: Right hand/Left hand)

  • Metronome

Beats: 0 to 9 (Tempo range: quarter note = 20 to 255)

  • Recorder

[MIDI Recorder] 2 tracks x 1 song, approximately 5,000 notes maximum, real-time recording/playback

[Audio recording] Max. 99 songs approximately 25 min/song (44.1kHz WAV Format)

  • Other Functions
    • Sound Projection
    • Headphone Mode
    • Volume Sync EQ
    • Connection to App
    • GRAND PIANO button, ELEC PIANO 1 button
    • Slide-type keyboard cover
    • Auto Power Off: Off after approx. 4 idle hours (default setting)
    • Duet Mode
    • Octave shift: ±2 octaves
  • Key Transpose

2 octaves

(-12 semitones ~ 0 ~ +12 semitones)

  • Tuning Control

A4 = 415.5 Hz ~ 440.0 Hz ~ 465.9 Hz

  • Pedals

3 pedals (damper, soft, sostenuto)

* damper = seamless operation

  • MIDI

This product is not equipped with MIDI terminals. MIDI communication between the product and a computer is performed using the USB port.

  • Speakers

12 cm x 2, 4 cm x 2 (2-Way, 4-Speaker)

  • Amp Output

20W + 20W

  • Input/Output Terminals
    • PHONES/OUTPUT x 2 (Stereo Standard)
    • USB: type A, type B
    • External power (24V DC)

* USB cable (A-B type) required to use USB terminal for computer connection.

  • Power Requirements

AC adaptor: AD-E24250LW

  • Body Color/Finish

Black wood tone finish

White wood tone finish

Oak tone finish

  • Included Accessories

AC Adaptor (AD-E24250LW), Music Stand

Quality of Casio Privia PX-870


The acclaimed Tri-Sensor II Scaled Hammer Action piano keys give you the expression your performance deserves. The simulated ebony and ivory textures give you an authentic and comfortable touch, combined with an innovative hammer action that is accurately scaled across the entire key range. Adjustable touch sensitivity and hammer response allow customization to suit any playing style.


The PX-870’s innovative new Sound Projection system fills the room with rich, detailed sound. This powerful 40-watt, 4-speaker system is designed to envelop the listener and audience with sound emanating from various places on the instrument, just as it would on a traditional grand piano. The Volume Sync EQ ensures that you hear a balanced, clear sound across the entire frequency range, at any listening volume.

Additional Features of Casio Privia PX-870:

  • Audio Recording (44.1 kHz WAV Format / up to approximately 25 min. per song)
  • 19 high-quality tones including stereo-sampled grand piano tones
  • Digital Effects: Hall Simulator (4 types), Chorus (4 types), Brilliance, DSP (preset for some tones)
  • Connection to App (Chordana Play for Piano Special Site)
  • Lesson feature using 60 Music Library songs plus 10 user loaded songs
  • GRAND PIANO button, ELEC PIANO 1 button
  • MIDI Recorder: 2 tracks x 1 song, approximately 5,000 notes total
  • USB flash drive port
  • PHONES/OUTPUT: 2 (Stereo Standard)

Who Is Casio Privia PX-870 Best For?

Beginners will benefit from the Lesson mode, where you can play along with one of the 60 built-in songs as well as mute one hand’s part to practice.

More experienced players will enjoy using the Concert Play feature, which allows you to play one of the 10 different tunes along with the orchestra accompaniment.

What Do People Say About Casio Privia PX-870?

Overall the Casio Privia PX-870 has been rated on average 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon Review. 

Amazon Reviews #1“The sound quality is equal to that of the $4,500 Yamaha pianos I’ve played. It really sounds and feels like a real piano. This is true for the piano sound and the harpsichord. The strings set is an amazing bonus. Perfect piano for an intermediate player, that will leave you lacking nothing. 

Also amazing easy to assemble and I love how compact it is.”

YouTube Review #1

The Verdict: Is Casio Privia PX-870 Worth It?

The PX-870 is the most advanced piano in the Privia series in terms of piano playing.

It utilizes high-quality samples of a concert grand piano and reproduces the finest details of piano sound including string resonance, damper resonance, key on/off action noise, etc., which makes it sound truly authentic.

Casio CGP-700 

The CGP-700 delivers an authentic piano experience and so much more, in an exciting instrument that’s ideal for home, stage, or wherever your music takes you.


The prices can vary depending on the website you are buying it from, but mainly it stays between 700 and 800 euros. You can check the latest offers here!


  • Suitable for both gigs and home use
  • Comes with an integrated stand
  • 88 hammer action keys with Ivory/Ebony surfaces
  • Great 5.3” colour touchscreen
  •  Powerful 6-speaker sound system (40 W)
  • 550 built-in sounds
  • Lots of accompaniment styles, music presets, sound effects
  • Built-in Audio and 16-track MIDI recorder
  • Great connectivity


  • The stand is not very sturdy
  • Included sustain pedal
  • Piano sound is not as sophisticated and adjustable

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  • Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer-action for realistic touch response
  • Meticulously sampled piano delivers world-class sound
  • Colour touchscreen provides simple, intuitive navigation
  • 6-speaker sound system makes for an enjoyable sonic experience

Specifications of Casio CGP-700 :

  • 88-key fully weighted keyboard with simulated Ivory & Ebony keytops
  • Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II
  • Touch Sensitivity (3 types, Off)
  • Sound: MXi (Multi-Expressive Integrated) Sound Processor
  • 128-note polyphony
  • 550 instrument sounds (28 pianos)
  • Modes: Split, Dual, Duo (Duet Play)
  • Lesson Function (ability to practice each hand’s part separately)
  • 200 accompaniment patterns (+ 305 music presets)
  • 16-track MIDI recorder (up to 100 songs), punch-in recording
  • USB Audio recorder: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16 bit, stereo)
  • Metronome, Transpose, Fine-tuning, Octave Shift
  • Temperament – 17 types; Stretch Tuning – On/Off
  • Speakers: 20W + 20W (12cm x 2 + 5cm x 2; 12cm x 2 – stand built-in speakers)
  • Connections: USB to Host, USB to Device, Headphone jacks (2), Line Out, Audio In, Sustain Pedal jack
  • 132.2 x 29.3 x 14.1 cm (52” x 11.5” x 5.5”)
  • 11.7 kg (26 lbs); with stand – 25.7 kg (56.7 lbs)

Quality of Casio CGP-700 

Suitable equally well to professional pianists and beginners, the CGP-700 delivers 127 times the resolution of other regular keyboards. It has the same weight and response as found in the real acoustic pianos, where the lower keys are heavier and get lighter as keys get higher.

Additional Features of Casio CGP-700 :

  • Lightweight and convenient 88-key digital piano
  • Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer-action for real piano feel
  • Meticulously sampled piano delivers world-class sound
  • Colour touchscreen provides simple, intuitive navigation
  • 550 instrument tones and 200 rhythms provide great melodies and backing tracks
  • Polish your performance with reverbs, delays, and other essential effects
  • MIDI and USB audio recorders for saving your compositions
  • Duet mode makes teaching students easy
  • 6-speaker sound system makes for an enjoyable sonic experience
  • Includes matching wooden stand, SP-3 sustain pedal, and ADE24250 AC adapter

Who Is Casio CGP-700  Best For?

If you’re considering this instrument for a child, I’d definitely recommend it.

The CGP-700 will keep them interested for years and encourage them to explore various musical styles and different instruments, not just piano.

So if you only plan to use the keyboard for playing it as a piano and don’t really need all those extra sounds and features, you’d probably be better off with more straightforward digital pianos.

What Do People Say About Casio CGP-700 ?

Overall the Casio CGP-700 has been rated on average 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon Review. 

Amazon Reviews #1“Excellent keyboard. The touchpad was a big selling point for me after I researched other keyboards for keypress feel, sound and product quality.

I’ve used other keyboards that use switches, buttons and sliders for controlling the instrument, having a small touchpad built-in makes navigating the plethora of functions and features effortless.

Best value for the buck with this keyboard.”

YouTube Review #1

The Verdict: Is Casio CGP-700 Worth It?

The Casio CGP-700BK Compact Grand Piano is a grand culmination of Casio’s 65 years of expertise in electronics and technology, and over 35 years in creating musical instruments. Loaded with incredible, never-seen-before features at an equally incredible price range, the CGP-700 is a complete product for everyone from a pro to an amateur.

Casio CTK-3500

The Casio CTK-3500  with its 61 Touch-Sensitive keys & portability makes learning to play the piano fun and simple, avoiding the frustration that can prevent people from practicing or progressing. With the Chordana Play app, learning to play the piano is a fun game, and can even be practiced on your tablet or smartphone, so you can make music and play along with your favorite songs from anywhere.


The Casio CTK-3500 is a great quality keyboard for a reasonable price. The prices can vary depending on the website you are buying it from, but mainly it stays between 150 and 210 euros. 


  • Touch-sensitive 61-key keyboard that emulates the feel of a full-size real classic piano
  • 2 levels of touch sensitivity for keys, and off works as a synthesizer
  • It has a weight of just 7.5 pounds that provides portability and easy to store
  • Ease of ability to decide between using the power adapter or using the batteries to power the keyboard
  • Battery operation makes it convenient to use anywhere you want
  • It has a good LCD screen with good lighting and easy to read, for keyboard settings, use the different features or access the built-in lessons
  • The power supply is included in the product without having to buy it externally
  • A wide range of sounds and styles provided by 400 instrument voices
  • 100 built-inself-accompaniment rhythms
  • Fine-tune and synchronise the tone to your liking with the tone folding wheel, which allows you a better musical expression
  • 50 beats and effects built into Dance Music Mode
  • 48 levels of maximum polyphony for overlapping sound
  • Compatibility with the Chordana app and all its advantages, such as piano and prática classes with or without keyboards
  • Go beyond the built-in music library with MIDI storage and playback function via keyboard
  • Easy and fun education with Casio’s built-in Set-Up lesson system


  • Unweighted keyboard
  • The sounds of the instruments do not sound much like real ones and are not very expressive
  • It has no recording nor playback function

In-Depth Review of the above articles


  • Its reduced price places Casio’s keyboard in the “top ten” of electronic keyboards with the best value for money.
  • In addition, your pressure-sensitive keyboard, which you can configure in two different levels, will bring you to play sensations similar to what you would have if you did on an acoustic piano. By default, touch sensitivity is disabled, so be sure to activate it if you want to benefit from this feature.
  • The Casio CTK-3500 keyboard has a surprising sound given the price you pay for it. In fact, you will expect a more artificial sound, in accordance with its price. And yet, it’s sound quality is at the height of more expensive models.

Specifications of Casio CTK-3500:

  • Dimensions (W x D x H)

946 x 307 x 92 mm

  • Weight

3.4kg (Without batteries)

  • Keyboard

61 piano-style keys

  • Touch Response

2 sensitivity levels, Off

  • Maximum Polyphony


  • Tones

400 built-in tones

  • Digital Effects

Reverb (10 types), Virtual Hall, Dance Music Effect

  • Rhythms/Patterns

100 built-in rhythms, 50 Dance Music rhythms

  • Auto Accompaniment
    • Modes: CASIO Chord, Fingered 1, Fingered 2 (6th off), Fingered 3 (on bass), Full Range Chord
    • Controllers: Start/Stop, Intro, Normal/Fill-in, Variation/Fill-in, Synchro/Ending
  • Built-in Songs

60 (Song Bank)

  • Lesson Function
    • Step Up Lesson
    • Lesson Part Select (Right hand, Left hand, Both hands)
    • Performance evaluation
    • Voice fingering guide
  • Connection to APP


  • Metronome

Beats: Off, 1 to 9 (Tempo range: quarter note = 20 to 255)

  • Other Functions
    • Dance Music Mode
    • One Touch Preset: 100 sets
    • Rhythm/Song Bank controller
    • Pitch Bend Wheel : 0 to 12 semitones
  • Key Transpose

±1 octaves (-12 to 0 to +12 semitones)

  • Tuning Control

A4 = 415.5 to 465.9 Hz (Initial Default: 440.0 Hz)

  • Pedals

Standard jack (sustain, sostenuto, soft, rhythm)

  • MIDI
    • GM Compatibility: Level1
    • Terminals: USB
  • Speakers

10cm x 2

  • Amp Output

2W + 2W

  • Input/Output Terminals
    • HEADPHONES/OUTPUT (standard stereo jack)
    • AUDIO IN
    • USB: type B*

* USB cable (A-B type) required to use USB terminal for computer connection.

  • Power Requirements

Batteries: AA-size x 6 / AC Adaptor: AD-E95100L

  • Body Color/Finish


  • Included Accessories

Music stand

Quality of Casio CTK-3500

It has 400 instrument voices and 100 built-in rhythms, so it’s easy to customize the sound of the Casio CTK-3500 to play nearly anything you like. With 48 levels of polyphony, you can create complex, overlapping sound and more nuanced compositions. It also has 10 levels of reverb and a pitch bend wheel. (4)

Additional Features of Casio CTK-3500:

  • Touch-sensitive keys
  • LCD display
  • Step-Up Lesson System
  • Dance Music Mode

Who Is Casio CTK-3500 Best For?

The CTK-3500 is the perfect choice for keyboard students of all ages. It has touch-sensitive keys for expressive playing, and hundreds of sounds and accompaniment styles to keep you inspired.

What Do People Say About Casio CTK-3500?

Overall the Casio  CTK-3500 has been rated on average 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon Review. 

Amazon Reviews #1“I’m an absolute beginner so take this review for what it’s worth. After researching what keyboard qualities are recommended to begin learning, I wanted something with at least 61 touch-sensitive keys. The small screen is very helpful in showing the notes and correct finger placement, and the sound is really beautiful. Overall, I’m extremely pleased with this purchase!”

YouTube Review #1 

The Verdict: Is Casio CTK-3500 Worth It?

Casio keyboards are known for being affordable, easy to use, and durable. This is a great starter instrument, where learners can get familiar with playing the piano and using today’s advanced digital technologies to play music. It’s a smart way to start a music education, before upgrading to a more advanced, specialized keyboard.

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