Best Digital Pianos Under $500

Whether it is a standard piano or a digital one, if you are an experienced pianist, you will never consider the factor price in the first place. You are aware of the factors that will make a piano perfect for your requirement. But this may not be the case if you are a beginner and if you wish to learn to play the piano. Also the price is important, we will show You 5 Digital Pianos Under $500.

If you are a novice, you will first try to get a piano that suits your budget. Moreover, buying an extremely cheap piano can be wrong as you may not learn appropriately in it. It is indispensable to check some important factors such as the keys’ weight while buying a piano, apart from the price. Ideally, it would help if you got a decent piano under the budget of $500.

Do you wish to know the best digital pianos under $500 and the features you can get in them? So, go ahead with the article to know everything in detail.

#1 Roland FP 10

Roland always manufactured high-end digital pianos before this one. But somehow, it realized that the population of beginners who wish to learn to play the piano is on the rise and came up with a beginner’s digital piano soon. Moreover, if you know a bit about the piano Roland FP 30, you will understand immediately that Roland FP 10 is something that has been designed by reducing some features of FP 30; otherwise, the quality has been kept the same. FP 10 is a great Digital Pianos Under $500 to consider.

Roland FP 10 is available even under the price range of $300 and is a perfect match if you are looking for a digital piano as a beginner.


  • The compact design is very user-friendly.
  • The keyboard has an ivory feel.
  • The sound is very much natural with features such as string resonance.
  • It comes with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • You can install the application to get more sound and features


  • It does not have the option of a 3-pedal unit.
  • It does not have the feature of a MIDI recorder.
  • Also, it does not have the split mode feature.

Is Roland FP 10 worth it?

When you talk about this piano’s worth, do not forget that it comes from one of the best piano brands. This digital piano may not have some features that other competitive pianos may have. But when you talk about sound quality, this is one of the best options in this price range. This Digital Piano is Under $500

Benefits of Roland FP 10

One of the significant benefits of Roland FP 10 is that they have maintained their standards. Even though the features from FP 30 have been cut down to create FP 10, they have not compromised on the standard of features that they have provided. Not only is the piano compact and easy to handle, but also it is user-friendly to offer a great experience. Whether it is a beginner or even someone who plays the piano just for hobby, this piece is a perfect choice for them. Also the budget side, this Digital Piano is Under $500


It offers a rich tone that is a specialty of Roland.The weighted keys offer full expression.The Bluetooth feature offers wireless connectivity.The application Partner 2 offers several functions to offer convenience.USB for connection to computers.It comes with several accessories such as a pedal, stand, and others to offer an enhanced experience.


While designed Roland FP 10, quality has not been compromised at all. Though this piano is under the price range of $500, the quality is maintained to offer the users the best experience.

Additional feathures

  • It has a twin-piano mode to offer ease of learning.
  • It also comes with an optional matching stand.

Roland FP 10 comes with a warranty of 1 year.

Who is Roland FP 10 best for?

Roland FP 10 is an entry-level digital piano. Hence, it is best for beginners or those who are learning to play a digital piano.

What do people say about Roland FP 10?

YouTube Reviews:

#1 The user is very proud to gift this product.

#2 The user loved the sensitive and real touch

Amazon Reviews:

#The user loves the sound even though it is available at this budget.

#2 The user talks about the ease of controlling this piano


Roland FP 10 comes with the quality assurance of Roland and features that are perfect for beginners. Overall, it is an excellent digital piano under this range.

#2 Yamaha P-45

This digital piano comes from the famous brand Yamaha and yet it is quite simple to play. P-45 introduced to the market almost a few years ago, but its popularity still exists. Due to its brand reputation, excellent quality, and affordable price, this digital piano still manages to be one of the best options under this price range. This Digital Piano is Under $500

This is another digital piano under the range of $500. You should get it at $499 or even lesser.


  • This piano is not just compact but also relatively light in weight.You will not get any frills.
  • It has hammer standard keys.
  • With the signature sound from Yamaha, it is perfect for beginners.


  • The speakers of this piano are not very loud.I
  • t is not featured with a MIDI recorder.
  • It also does not have a split mode.

Is it worth it?

Yamaha P-45 is an overall perfect digital piano with great sound and touch at this affordable price range. Moreover, it is an excellent option for beginners and even hobbyists

Benefits of Yamaha P-45

What else do you need when you are getting a digital piano from the famous brand Yamaha under the price range of $500? Digital Pianos Under $500 is not everyday thing for Yamaha. Apart from this, the digital piano also offers several other benefits, one of which is lightweight.


  • The digital piano comes featured with fully-weighted keys to offer you the acoustic feel
  • Dual-mode feature for learning or dual performances
  • GHS action is similar to the acoustic piano
  • It is featured with sustain pedal and power adapter

Additional feathures of Yamaha P-45

  • The piano comes with ten different voices for a better experience.
  • It also has digital tone samples exclusively from the brand Yamaha.

Yamaha P-45 comes with a warranty of 1 year, and also, the brand offers a money-back guarantee of 14 days.

Who is Yamaha P-45 best for?

This is best for beginners. However, if you are searching for a budget-friendly digital piano for dual performances, this is the option for you

What do People Say About It?

YouTube Reviews:

#The user mentions how Yamaha P45 is still in the market even after so many years.

#The user talks about the acoustic feel that this piano offers.

Amazon Reviews:

#A great electric piano for the price

#The user is happy as it is worth the price.


Yamaha P-45 is a reliable product that has been in use for many years. While this piano is not a great choice for professionals, it can be perfect for entry-level pianists. Also this Digital Piano is Under $500

#3 Casio CDP S-100 and S-350

Casio has recently replaced its two digital pianos with the brand new avatars Casio CDP S-100 and Casio CDP S-350. The brand has focused more on designing the pianos and has offered them a much slimmer look. The new pianos are loaded with several features without hurting your budget much. These are Digital Pianos Under $500

Here come two Digital Pianos Under $500 from another trusted brand Casio. Yes, you can get them also very much comfortable with $480 to $500


  • Even if the piano is slim, it has fully-weighted keys with an ivory feel.
  • It offers a superior sound effect.
  • It comes featured with an audio-in jack and is battery-operated.
  • You can also enjoy many other features via the application Chordana.


  • The sound of the piano is not quite sophisticated.
  • It does not have the feature of a MIDI recorder.

Is It Worth It?

If you are buying Casio CDP S-100 somehow, it will offer you a great function that is well-backed with Casio’s reliability. But if you wish to enjoy the experience to the ultimate, you should go for the Casio CDP S-350 that may be slightly higher in price than the S-100 but offers an extended range of features too.


Though the piano is slim in design, it offers full-weight keys for a superior quality sound. The best part of this piano is that it is battery-operated. You can get a vast number of features through the application Chordana.


  • It is an ultra-slim piano that is also light in weight at 10.5 kgs.
  • It is featured with fully-weighted keys.
  • The piano also is equipped with a new sound engine.
  • The audio input is useful for connecting to other sources too.


A digital piano coming from the brand Casio is already a quality assurance. But when talked about the features, it comes loaded with the best features to offer you the best experience.

Additional Features:

  • This piano has 64 notes of polyphony.
  • Also, it is featured with ten different sample sounds.


Casio CDP S-100 and S-350 come with a warranty of 3 years.

Who is it Best For?

If you are not a professional but have a digital piano hobby, this can be a perfect option.

What do People Say About It?

YouTube Reviews:

#The user is amazed by the sound of the piano.

#The user mentions the piano sounds better in real than in videos.

Amazon Reviews:

#The user mentions the piano to be a decent one, if not outstanding.

#The user is satisfied with the MiDi controller of the piano.

#4 Korg B2SP

Korg introduced the B2 range as a successor of Korg B1. Under this range, there are three pianos, among which the Korg B2Sp is the most efficient one. It is available in both black and white colors. Also, it is loaded with several features to make it perfect for beginners.

Korg B2 is easily available Digital Pianos Under $500.


  • This piano comes in superb design and is equipped with hammer action keys.
  • It comes with a superb speaker system of 30W.
  • Digital piano has features like USB audio and samples.
  • It is quite easy to use with the pedal feature.


  • It does not have a layer or split mode.
  • Digital piano is not as slim as many other piano options available.
  • It does not come with a recording system.
  • Digital piano has a limited option of sound selection.

Is Korg B2SP Worth It?

Korg B2SP is a perfect option for those who wish to have a simple digital piano to learn it. Though it has minimalistic features, they are enough for a beginner to learn and enjoy good music.

Benefits of Korg B2SP:

The most beneficial part of this piano is its speaker system. With a speaker system of 30W, it offers a great sound quality. Also, when you talk about Korg B2SP, you can admire its superb design.


  • It comes with a perfect design to flaunt.
  • The fully-weighted keys are perfect for your performance.
  • It has got built-in speakers in it.


Though this is a good-looking digital piano, it is not as slim as many other digital pianos available today. It is featured with some unique features such as a sound system and higher sound samples.

Additional Features of Korg B2SP:

  • The sound system is 30W which is not there in other pianos on this list.
  • It has as many as 12 different sound samples available.

Korg B2SP comes along with a warranty of 3 years.

Who is Korg B2SP Best For?

It is mainly for hobbyists as it comes with amazing sound quality. The lack of some features makes it imperfect for professionals as well as for learners.

What do People Say About Korg B2SP?

YouTube Reviews:

#The user mentions this piano is a great piece for every grade.

#The user says that at this price range, this piano is great for advanced players too.

Amazon Reviews:

#The user talked about its simple design and beautiful sound.

#The user loves the sound as well as the feel of the keys.



If you are not someone professional, this can be a perfect Digital Piano Under $500 for you. The sound system is great, and you can enjoy connecting it with other outer sources too. Though the professionals may lack a few features in this piano, this piano still can offer a soothing sound to all.

#5 Alesis Coda Pro

Alesis Coda Pro is one such digital piano in this price range that comes with all those features that someone between an entry-level and a professional may enjoy. It is loaded with features of different sounds and also some extra buttons for learners too.

Digital Piano Under $500, this is one such digital piano that many professionals also love to have.


  • The piano features fully-weighted keys for supreme performance.
  • It comes with 20 different voices for diversity.
  • Piano is featured well with layer as well as split mode.
  • It also comes with the USB-MIDI option.


  • The only con that this piano has is that it is the most expensive one among other options on this list.

Is Alesis Coda Pro Worth It?

This piano’s price is slightly towards the higher side or maybe at the border of $500, but it is truly worthy of it. It still fits at Digital Pianos Under $500 category. It offers all the features that can help you get a perfect experience at playing a digital piano.


One of the major benefits of this piano is its sound options. You can make use of the split and other modes to get the feel of the acoustic piano. Also, the different teaching mode features will help learners learn in an even convenient way.


  • It is featured with fully-weighted keys to offer a great experience.
  • Piano has a power supply along with a sustain pedal.
  • It comes featured with the Record Mode as well as the Duet Mode for a better experience.


At this price, the piano offers a great quality of sound as well as features. This is a perfect piece for learners and the intermediate ones with many features and functions.

Additional Features of Alesis Coda Pro:

  • The piano comes along with 20 different voices for diversity.
  • Also, it has 60 preset songs.
  • It comes with the teaching mode for making your learning method much easier.

Alesis Coda Pro comes with a warranty of 3 years and a money return option guarantee of 30 days

Who is Alesis Coda Pro Best For?

Alesis Coda Pro is a perfect digital piano for those who wish it is a bit towards the professional side but wish to get a digital piano under the price range of $500.

What do People Say About Alesis Coda Pro?

YouTube Reviews:

#The user is happy with so many features at such a price range.

#The user is quite happy after using this for a month.

Amazon Reviews:

#The user shares that the piano is great for performing at places like churches too.

#The user mentions this piano to be a great option at this price.

If you talk about the pricing, this might be a bit on the higher side, but it is one of the best on the list when you talk about its features. The features of layering and split sound can defeat some of the best high-end digital pianos too. It also comes with a teaching model that makes it even more reliable and convenient for candidates who wish to learn to play the digital piano. Also these Digital Pianos are Under $500


Digital pianos are now in trend and are more popular compared to acoustic piano options. While the expert pianists will look out for advanced features, there have to be some specific standard features for beginners. Apart from the features and the style, budget plays a major role in a beginner buying a digital piano. The above is a list of some of the best digital pianos under the range of $500. If the best among these has to be considered, Roland FP 10 will surely be the race winner. 

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