Casio CGP-700 Review

The Casio CGP- 700 is a product of Casio’s compact line. It does not come under the Privia line due to its MiX sound source, while the Privia uses an AiR sound source.

The CGP stands for Compact Grand Piano, which focuses on piano-centric features, like Tri-Sensor Hammer and Graded Action Keys. To find out more, keep reading The Casio CGP700 review!

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The Casio CGP 700 is available within a price range of $150 – $250.  This a great product and is available in pocket-friendly value.

Product Description


Casio CGP 700 is a keyboard with a compact design that comes with a wooden stand. This keyboard has a very modern and professional look in a slim design. It is made with high-quality matte plastic and is only available in black shade. It has two prominent speakers’ built-in stand, and the other four cemented on itself.

Despite not being a product of the Privia line, it has a 5.3” color touchscreen, which is an appealing aspect to piano players. The user interface is pretty laid out and user-friendly. You can select tones, rhythms, sound effects and record your creation with just a switch.


The CGP 700 is a full-sized 88-key digital piano that features the most famous Tri-Sensor Hammer Action Keyboard II. It uses a springless hammer system. In other words, there is a little hammer equipped that stimulates each fundamental movement like a real piano.

Under each key, three sensors detect the velocity of the keystrokes exerted by you when playing and allow for faster note repetition when playing quick notes. Moreover, it is finished with ebony and ivory tops.

The keys are touch-sensitive, which responds differently depending on how hard or soft your press the keys.


Casio CGP 700 uses a different sound source known as MiX. It offers a variety of sounds, effects, and rhythms. It does not provide linear morphing, resonance, and other features that would make it more realistic. 

This digital piano uses the same stereo as a grand piano and offers a variety of instruments. 

Casio CGP 700 offers 28 pianos, 57 electric pianos, 38 organs, 40 guitars, 22 brass, 45 strings, and 84 synth sounds.

Moreover, you can also use special effects to bring the best out of it.   


It has a 128 note polyphony which is very common among the pianos in this range. 

It is sufficient, and you can play all the complex music with this keyboard.


  • Great Connectivity
  • 5.3” touchscreen.
  • Six speaker sound system.
  • Suitable for great concerts and home.
  • +550 in-built tracks.


  • Sustain pedal is included.
  • Sound is not that sophisticated and adjustable as Casio’s PX360

Is Casio CGP- 700 Worth It?

Honestly, the Casio CGP700 is genuinely a delightful and versatile instrument. At the affordable price range, it almost surprises by the number of features it has to offer.

It is excellent for live performance, home use, or even small gigs.

Who Is Casio CGP- 700 Best For?

The Casio CGP700 is an excellent buy for both beginner and professional pianists.

In-Depth Review of Casio CGP- 700:

Now without wasting any more time, let us see and understand the unique features it offers and the specifications it’s known for:


#1 Accessories

  • Integrated Stand with Built-In Speakers – This piano comes with a wooden stand and two in-built speakers.
  • Pedals – CGP 700 comes with a basic footswitch that can work great for most beginners. Although the pedal is a flimsy one that does not support half-pedaling, it is lightweight and easily portable, making it a perfect footswitch for gigs.  
  • Bag – This product is no different than other portable pianos when it comes to portability. The Casio CGP 700 is mainly used as a keyboard suitable for gigs. For its 88-key full-sized keyboard, Casio offers a bag for easy carrying and easy travel.
  • Headphones – Casio offers a good pair of headphones with this product. They come in handy when practicing in private and solely focusing on your music. 

Casio headphones are a better choice any day as they provide clear and detailed sounds compared to speakers on board.


#2 Accompaniment Functions

Features 200 accompaniment rhythms meant to accompany your performance with a full backing band react to the chords you play.

  • One-Touch Preset – Quickly finds the optimal tone and settings to sue the accompaniment pattern.
  • 305 presets – It comes packed with 305 presets, which provide one-touch tone, chord, rhythm, and settings optimized for particular genres. 
  • 17 Temperaments – These include Pure Major, Pure Minor, Mean-Tone, Kirnberger 3, etc.

Specifications of Casio CGP- 700

  • Full weighted 88-key keyboard with ivory simulation and Ebony keys.
  • Tri-Sensor Graded Scaled Hammer Action.
  • Variation in touch sensitivity.
  • The sound processor has MiX (Multi-Expressive Integration).
  • 128-Note Polyphony.
  • 550 instrument sounds out of which 28 are piano sounds.
  • Supports Split, Dual and Duet play. 
  • Fewer Functions – This allows you to practice each hand part separately. 
  • 200 Accompaniment patterns and loaded with +3 05bpresets.
  • 16 Track MIDI recorder with and punch-in recording.
  • USB audio recorder – WAV (44.1 kHz, 16-bit, stereo).
  • Showcases Metronome, Transpose, Tuning, and Octave-shift.
  • Seventeen variations in Temperament and Stretch tuning.
  • Stand built-in speakers – 2 x 20 watts (12cm x 2 + 5cm x 2 +12cm x 2).
  • Connections – USB to the Host, USB to Device, 2 Headphone jacks, Line Out, Audio In, and Sustain Pedal Jacks.
  • Dimensions: 132.2 x 29.3 x 14.1 cm (52”x 11.5” x 5.5”).
  • Weight: 11.7 kg (26lbs), withstand – 25.7 kg (56.7lbs). 


#1 Sound and Speakers

Casio CGP 700 is a 9-foot-long digital piano, producing impressive sound quality. It is like a miniature concert grand piano with a compact design that can play in stereo or even mono. This digital piano also has a damper resonance simulation.

Digital piano has a unique three-way speaker system that can fill any room with rich and detailed music.

#2 Piano Key Tops

Casio CGP 700 features the most Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II, which can recreate the touch and experience of a grand concert piano. It is 127 times the resolution of any traditional piano. 

It feels exactly like a grand piano as the keys have a greater density towards the lower case and a lower density at the top. 

The surface feels very natural, showcases the textures of ebony and ivory.

Additional Features of Casio CGP- 700:

#1 Modes

  • Dual Mode – Like the 550, the 700 also has built-in sound. However, the 700 allows you to create new and complicated sounds by layering two different instruments. 

And it allows adjusting the volume balance, which makes one of the sounds more prominent to hear.

  • Split Mode – With this mode, you will be able to divide your piano into different sections and play various sounds in each part. Also, you can adjust layered sound, which will allow you to play four instruments at once.
  • Duet Play – The duet play feature allows you to divide the piano into two equal parts with the same pitch range. In other words, two people can play the same notes on different sides of the keyboard.

This feature is handy when you use it to learn piano with your teacher. 

#2 Recording and Playback

The Casio CGP 700 features two ways of recording, one is through MIDI, and the other is Audio recording.

  • MIDI Recording – When you are recording through the MIDI, you are not registering the tracks but performance. Due to this, it is possible to edit the notes and modify tones and alter other parameters after the recording. The CGP 700 can store 100 MIDI songs. 

Also, you can listen to a previously recorded song while recording the next music. Another useful feature here is the ‘Punch-In Recording,’ which allows re-recording a part of the song you want to correct or improve.

  • Audio Recording – The Casio CGP 700 showcases its Audio WAV Recording, which records the sound from the piano. Comparing these MIDI files, we cannot edit the recordings after the completion of the recording. 

It records the audio file in WAV format and saves it on a USB Flash drive only. It is one of the most common procedures than MIDI and can be played on most smart devices and allows sharing the music through applications, or you can burn it on a CD for your family and pals.

#3 Transpose, Octave Shift, and Tuning

The Casio CGP 700 has three primary functions for adjusting the pitch of the piano. 

  • The transpose feature allows you to adjust the pitch of the entire keyboard in semitone steps.
  • The Octave Shift allows for shifting the pitch into octaves. This function can be used while playing in Duet Mode.  
  • Tuning adjusts the tuning of the piano from standard A440 in 0.1 Hz.


The Casio CGP700 comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Who Is Casio CGP- 700 Best For?

Summing it up, it is the ideal product for people who are not looking for a piano with authentic piano sound and experience but for a great music partner who is interested in music composing and a source of entertainment.

The Casio CGP 700 can keep you interested in this for a prolonged period and help you discover its core features, styles, and different instruments.

What Do People Say About Casio CGP- 700?


#1 In-Built recorder, editing, and user friendly

#2 Great sound quality with great presets


#1 Worth every penny

#2 Advanced tech and way more improved than standard line products


The Casio CGP- 700 is undoubtedly an excellent delight for pianists. It features a durable and robust stand equipped with 40-watt speakers which can produce a high-quality sound. Casio CGP is a good pick for piano players because it balances the assembled features and fundamental piano-centric features. 

It has many accompaniment styles which can help you with your techniques and effects. It belongs to the compact line of pianos but still has features of Privia pianos.

The piano produces excellent quality sound and is pretty user-friendly and can be listed as the best product for beginners and intermediates. It has incredible features starting from GHS action keys to a touchscreen display. The recording has been made easy with MIDI recording. 

And, it has a sleek design and very lightweight. A product with great features and sound quality is always a must-pick. 

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