Davison guitars review

Davison Introduction

This article will provide you with all the necessary information about the Davison guitars in general but also will give you a quick and brief overview of the Davison beginner starter package. If you are interested in buying one of the Davison guitars or you just want to know more about them in general, you should keep on reading.

Product Description

This guitar is one of the most basic guitars that you can have on the market. However, don’t undermine its simplicity because it’s also very functional. It’s a full-size guitar despite the fact that it’s primarily for beginners.

It has a body of 25.5” scale length and has a double cutaway solid body. You can find a bolt-on maple neck as well as a maple fretboard which comprises 21 frets. Aside from this, its design also features black dot inlays.

The Davison Full Electric Bass Guitar has a single master volume and a master tone control knob which is ensured to be solid. You can also adjust the fixed bridge to prevent whammy bars.

This Electric Bass Guitar gives you good value and performance with a decent look.
the BC08 10 watt amplifier by Hollinger

This Electric Bass Guitar features a 10 watt BC-08 amplifier that has a small size. It can give off a good sound. It can fill an average-sized room that makes it a perfect guitar for practicing when you are in the bedroom.

Aside from this, there are volume controls and an overdrive select switch that will let you hear the tones that are distorted. These sounds are often understood in a crunchy tone that can sometimes be gritty.

The good thing is that you can still rely on this for rock playing. You can even put on your headphones since there is a jack provided for this purpose.

To make it convenient on your part, it also comes with a gig bag that is useful for


The prices can vary depending on the website and country you are buying her from, but mainly the price stays under the 100$ price point. You can check the latest price here!


  • Dirt-cheap considering that you are getting a basic full size guitar + decent practice amp + cable + strap + gig bag + picks for under right around the hundred dollar mark.
  • Very basic design and simplistic controls for learners to grasp their lessons faster.
  • Despite being a full size 39”, it is not too heavy and can be managed by learners of all age groups.
  • Presence of a single Humbucker Pickup and (obviously) no pickup toggle switch eases out the playability quotient.
  • Despite being a top-notch 10 Amp Amplifier, it is extremely lightweight and portable to carry around for gigs, lessons etc.
  • The In-built Overdrive/Distortion Button in the Amplifier is awesome for those riveting special effects.


  • On raising the volume, the Amplifier emanates a slight buzzing noise which diminishes the overall experience.
  • A beginner’s pack that’s only intended for absolute novices and cannot be upgraded.
  • Owing to a full-length of 39”, string tension is on the higher side and this affects the playability.
  • Guitar Strap Holders are not as firmly fastened as required.

Is it Worth it?

As a new learner, the biggest reason for you wanting to begin with a full-sized guitar as opposed to a slender Stratocaster or a stylish Les Paul, has to do with your love for classic heavy rock tones. In this day and age, when you have scores of guitars with dizzying combinations of single-coil and humbucker pickups, along with complex toggle options, the Davison Full Size Black Electric Guitar keeps it really straight and simple. And lest I skip the most important purchasing criteria here, you are not just buying a 39” electric guitar but a full-fledged Davison Guitar Beginner Starter Package. So you have a lot more going for that hundred bucks you spend, with a cool gig bag, strap, guitar picks as well as a compact amplifier and cable.

In-Depth Review of the above articles


If you have been teaching others how to play the guitar for more than a few years, you will be astonished. Because, after you have seen the Davison guitars, you will find out that the students are very adaptable with them. It is also hard to figure out how they can craft a product like Davison for the price that is under $100, including an amp?

There are plenty of different guitars that are not created and packed with the case, amp and ect. as the Davison Guitars are. The Davison guitars are well known in this field, because it does appear that this brand sets up each of those guitars nicely before their shipment, and many people would truly expect to possess some sort of nice set up. It seems really that the only thing you got to do, is open the box and easily tune the guitar.


The Guitar

  • Full Sized Black Electric Guitar – 39”
  • Maple Neck
  • Bridge Humbucker Pickup
  • Volume and tone control
  • 22 frets
  • Includes: Case, Strap, Pitchpipe, Picks, String Winder and Jack Lead

BCo8 10W Guitar Amplifier

The amp is well built, and works really well for practice at home (especially given the built in headphone socket, so as not to wake the neighbors!).

  • 1 Channel Input
  • 2-Band EQ
  • 2 Volume Controls
  • Headphone Jack
  • Overdrive (distortion) Effect
  • Output Power: 10W 4Ω
  • S/N Rate: >95dB
  • Frequency Response: 45Hz~20KHz
  • Speaker: 5″
  • Dimension: 225× 125× 235mm


If you tune this guitar up, and also plug it in, you will see that all is good. Sound quality is great and smooth, and this guitar is perfect for those who are at their beginning of playing. There are no problems with the distortion or noise here, but sometimes it may slightly refuse to maintain its tune.

These guitars are nice for the classic rock sound and many of them have a nice Humbucker pickup, and these are really easy to handle for performing, due to the fact that they can easily create more of a solid sound. There are not many imperfections in terms of the guitar sound. At this low cost, Davison Guitars are on a level that beat many other guitar brands.

Additional Features:

They look really great in pictures, but also they prove their good looks once you see them in real life. Firstly, when you order the Davison guitar online, you really have to be concerned and think about the packing and shipping. But in general, they have really nice designs. The maple neck is high-quality and has a good feel to it. 

Davison Music knows really well what goes into a beginners guitar set. The sets are always packed perfectly. The guitar’s neck is nice to the touch and feels comfortable to play — very sturdy but it’s not chunky, and also the rosewood that’s on the guitar board adds an additional feature to the guitar. For many people the favourite part of the guitar is the finish, but also the strings and the neck are one of the outstanding parts in Davison guitars.

The Davison guitars feel and truly look like top quality ones. The nice wood grains are a good show thru. Also, the fine tuners are truly surprisingly responsive. Also these guitars are comfortable to handle, which has also added and reworked some confidence in many new players who are starting out.

The beginners starter package seems definitely aimed at the rock/metal beginner. It has a bridge humbucker, which is all you’ll need for anything from Metallica to Green Day. Unfortunately, I can’t find any information on the body wood- although that might not be something to worry about as a complete beginner.


Davison offers their clients a one year warranty on manufacturer defects. 

Who Is It Best For?

Nice starter for some rookies but if you are an advanced type of player you will outgrow this one relatively fast.

What Do People Say About It?

Amazon Reviews #1“This package is great if you’re just starting out. The guitar is pretty average, the amp doesn’t have a lot of features, and the gig bag is meh, but that’s why I love it. The guitar has 2 knobs to deal with which is perfect if you have no idea what the heck you’re doing. Additionally the amp doesn’t have a million settings to mess around with to make a decent sound. You can get away with just fiddling the volume to the appropriate level. The gig bag leaves something to be desired but is also plenty for throwing your guitar in your car and taking it somewhere.

To people that complained about the strings constantly being out of tune, it appears that you have never played a string instrument before. When you get new strings you’re going to need to stretch them a bit before they settle down and stay more consistently tuned.

If I end up sticking with the bass I will definitely end up getting a nicer instrument in the future, but this is plenty to practice on and learn with.”

Amazon Reviews #2“The Bass was received in a flimsy carton. One of the tuning pegs was bent. I emailed the selling company ‘ Musicians Discount Warehouse’ and to their credit they were prompt in sending me another tuning peg with instructions on how to replace it. Although I am a beginner I plan to use this to learn more before switching to something better. The amp is what it is, it’s good for practice. My suggestion for anybody buying this is to also get a tuner and at least some kind of instruction book/CD.”

To get a better idea of how the Davison guitars sound and look like, we have provided you with a couple of Youtube videos, where you can get a quick demo of the guitars. Unfortunately there were not many professional guitar reviews and videos, but hopefully these will help you get a better idea in general of what the Davison Guitars have to offer.

Youtube Reviews

YouTube Review #1 “I got this guitar from ebay real cheap for a guitar project. I used a dremel moto tool with a homemade template to rout the cavity. The pickup is changed to  a potted soap bar which can be turned up way higher without feedback. The neck has a quarter inch of ground off the back side and is lacquered. It plays like a miracle. Now I’m looking for another mod project.”

Youtube Review #2“I am not affiliated with Davison Guitars or Discount Musicians Warehouse. I wanted to find out what the cheapest guitar you can buy these days is. In this video, I find it, order it, unbox it and give my honest feedback. Is it any good? Or a hunk of junk? Find out in this video!”

The Verdict: Is it Worth It?

As compared to the musical giants like Epiphone and Fender, Davison Guitars is just a family-owned, small-scale manufacturer. But the reason for the Davison Guitars Beginner Starter Package becoming an Amazon Bestseller, is the fact that it provides beginners with the opportunity to begin with a simple, decent-sounding and easy-to-manage full-scale electric guitar. You also needn’t scurry around for the necessary add-ons that are required. Neither do you need to decide and pick between a stylish Les Paul or Stratocaster. Starting off in full-scale certainly strengthens you as a learner. Now, not many electric guitar starter combos or bundles offer that kind of value; despite certain shortcomings, this product is here to stay. Not only can it fit your requirements, but it’s even ideal for gifting purposes!

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