Fender CD 60 Review: Who Should Get It?

The Fender CD 60 is a purely sic string acoustic guitar and is one of Fender’s most popular all-mahogany versions worldwide.

The laminated mahogany gives it a professional look with a bold and uniquely rich sound. The principle behind using laminated mahogany is to make it lightweight for learners and feel comfortable while playing.

For many years, the CD 60 has maintained its position right there at the top due to its quality, sound, and playability that many of us would expect from leading producers of high-end guitars. However, it is available at a budget-friendly price.

This article will explore all the features, specifications, sound output, designs, benefits, and many more. Read on to know more about the great Fender CD 60 acoustic guitar.

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Fender CD 60 is available within a price range of $150 – $250.

Product Description:

At first glance, the Fender CD 60 features its Fender Die-cast tuning machines, Graph Tech nuts or saddles, a Polaroid Rosette, and a walnut bridge.

It is simple, elegant, and has an excellent polyurethane glossy finish.

The Fender CD 60 sounds great and does a fantabulous job in enhancing the tonal conditions and keeping it consistent.

The Fender CD 60 is built to make it last for an extended period. It has a dreadnought size, but you can play it with ease while standing or sitting down on a chair or sofa.

The Fender CD 60 has a dreadnought body style with laminated mahogany at the back and sides. The CD 60’s neck is crafted with mahogany and finished with gloss Urethane, giving it a C-shaped neck profile. It has 20 frets in total with a white pearled dot and dual-action truss rod.

The CD 60 is engineered with a Walnut bridge and has bridge pins of white with black dots. The entire body hardware is of chrome and has one ply-black pickguard.


  • Fender CD 60 has excellent audio as well as good tone consistency.
  • It is available in various shades and body types.
  • Available at a reasonable amount than other quality guitars; however, Fender CD 60 showcases a great playing and audio quality like any other high-end guitars.
  • The tuning lasts over a long period.


  • Due to the circular fretboard, guitarists may feel uneasy playing fingerstyle.
  • The structure of this guitar is only for right-handed players.
  • Prone to scratches.

Is It Worth It?

Product-wise it is an excellent guitar due to its playability, sound, and design.

Fender CD 60 is slightly high priced compared to other beginner-oriented guitars. However, it is an ideal guitar for most beginners, and Fender guitars can hold their value for a reasonable period.

Although, it needs a bit of upgrade. Fender CD 60 is worth the price, and it can be a cutthroat competitor to many high-end guitars.

Fender CD 60 – In-Depth Review:


  • Durability: 

Although the CD 60 is one of the lower budget guitars of Fender’s spectrum of instruments, it still manages to fare pretty well on durability. 

  • Comfort: 

The Fender CD 60 is quite long and has a dreadnought size, but it will not make you feel uneasy as a guitarist. You can play it easily while sitting or standing.

  • Case:

Fender company provides a hard-shell case for their CD 60 buyer.


  • Fender CD 60 is a built-in dreadnought shape.
  • Showcases laminated Mahogany top.
  • It boasts about its Laminated Mahogany body, back, and sides.
  • Fender CD 60 has a beautiful finishing of Gloss Urethane.
  • The guitar is engineered with a Rosewood bridge.
  • It has a Mahogany Neck.
  • It has a “C” Shape Neck Profile.
  • The fingerboard has an impressive Rosewood finishing.
  • The radius of the fingerboard is 11.81″ (300 mm).
  • It has a total of 20 Frets.
  • The Scale-Length of Fender CD is 25.3″ (643 mm).
  • The Width of the nut is 1.625″ (41.3 mm).


Performance and Sound 

The Fender CD 60 has pretty decent dynamics and tonality, which is proportionate to the price. It has a pleasant chime and resonance possible because of the unconventionally thin scalloped X bracing.

The action and intonation are very friendly to the beginners, and strumming is effortless.  

With the Fender CD 60, you can pull off any performance at the café or family get-together. 

The Fender CD 60 is also equipped with Fender’s corrosion-resistant strings, which can last a comparatively more prolonged period than regular guitar strings.

Additional Features:

Undoubtedly, the Fender CD 60 comes with loads of features in its design, playability, sounds, and many more.

Tonewoods Quality:

Fender CD 60 has a fairly standard build, which is primarily built for beginners. It has a dreadnought structure with a laminated spruce top and mahogany laminated body and sides. The unique combination of spruce and mahogany is a classic one that often delivers a balanced tone.

Furthermore, it is equipped with scalloped X bracing. The scalloped bracing feels lighter than non-scalloped bracing, which lets the soundboard vibrate more efficiently and freely.

The neck of the guitar is made of mahogany which is excellently resistant to warping.

Build and Playability:

As mentioned above, The Fender CD 60 functions laminated spruce supported by an X bracing, and its back and sides are of laminated mahogany. When integrated with its dreadnought size, the structure of the Fender CD 60 delivers a resonant tone that is considered ideal for strumming and fingerpicking playing.

Similarly, the neck also features laminated mahogany and showcases a C-shaped comfy profile, which boasts excellent quality and a low-string setup. This makes the Fender CD 60 easy to play.

Fender CD 60 introduced a considerable modification to the fingerboard and the bridge. The fingerboard and the bridge are made with high-quality walnut. Not only that, it boasts of its high-quality die-cast heads, a Nubone Nut, and a well-compensated saddle which results in a smooth tuning and price articulation.  

Fender Play:

Fender features a unique online guitar coaching application called “Fender Play.”

The app allows the guitarist to learn guitar and master the instrument anywhere at any time. Improve your skillset at home or anywhere in the world.

It supports all modern devices, desktop, iPhone, iPad, and Android.


The Fender CD 60 can serve a year of warranty, although it depends on your buying distributor. However, the Fender company has applied for a year of the contract.

Who Is It Best For:

Fender CD 60 is an excellent delight for beginners and people who love to travel along with their guitar. Do not judge it by its dreadnought size, and it is pretty lightweight.

Also, it is best suited for beginners because it is straightforward to play. CD 60 is not that physically hard to play, and the sound it delivers is pretty easy to control. And most importantly, this CD 60 is rather priced.

What Do People Say About It?

Let’s take a quick look at the social reviews that the Fender CD 60 has earned. 


#1 Great sound quality or even enhanced sound compared to many high-end guitars


#2 Fender Play, great shape and perfect out of the box



#1 Effortless Strumming


#2 Great sound quality


The Verdict:

No wonder Fender CD 60 is available at a legit pocket-friendly price. CD 60 is one of Fender’s most popular models for beginners. Fender believes that a beginner’s first guitar plays a critical role in their entire musical journey.

Though the CD 60 is made for beginners and certain upgrades to your CD 60, you can play more detailed notes on this pure six-string acoustic guitar.

The CD 60 comes in Fender’s classic design series, which showcases excellent body shapes and top-notch craftsmanship. It features the spruce top, which is the standard tonewood. It has strength and very dynamic when it comes to performance. The spruce top responds well to any acoustic playing style. Be it strumming, Flatpicking, or delicate fingerpicking.

It has an easy-playing neck which is suitable for beginners and professionals as it creates an incredibly comfortable fingerboard feel.

Summing all the statements that have been said so far, it worthy of getting a Fender CD 60 whether you are a beginner or an experienced pro. As you have read through the article, the CD 60 is a great product; it has a great design with various shades and delivers a good and rich quality sound, easy to play, and comfortable.

And it is available at a fair price. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours too!  

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