Moog Sub Phatty VS Moog Sub 37

In this article, we will be taking a closer look at the two Moog synthesizers that have been neck to neck for the past couple of years. First, we will be talking about Moog Sub Phatty and then Sub 37. If you’re interested to know more about the Sub Phatty VS Sub 37 review, keep reading.

Moog Sub Phatty

Moog Sub Phatty is a bass and leads machine in the Moog family. It is a traditional analog synthesizer with a 25 note keyboard, standard pitch-blend, and modulation wheels.  Its small but capacious panel consists of 31 knobs. The features are easily accessible from the front board. The Sub Phatty is the first analog synth to feature Moog’s transformative new Multidrive section.

The Sub Phatty is on the pricier side, but Moog is known for their top-quality synthesizers so you will be definitely getting your money’s worth. The cost of the instrument varies, depending on the seller, but most commonly stays around the 1000$ mark.


  • Its size has no impact on the sound quality, and thus you will not find any difference in sound between this instrument and the traditional sized ones. 
  • Sub Phatty is extremely easy to carry around. If you are on a constant move investing in this synthesizer would be a great decision. Additionally, it needs close to no warm-up time. Just plug it in and you are ready to go.
  • It offers 51 parameters that can help you change up the sound of your music.


  • Sub Phatty does not have a big capacity and therefore offers just 16 memories.
  • More than half of its 51 parameters are buried in Shift Mode and Hidden Functions (this design choice was made to keep the panel as uncluttered as possible) 
  • This synthesizer would appeal more to people who will not be using this as a solo instrument.
  • Lack of digital display, which may annoy some.

Benefits of Moog Sub Phatty

The mixer section offers innovations of its own, including a sub oscillator that outputs a square wave one octave below Oscillator 1. Also in the mixer section is a noise generator voiced to deliver low-frequency content, rich with body and punch

Specifications of Moog Sub Phatty

Analog sound engineYes
Semi-weighted keysYes
Sound sources2 variable waveshape oscillators, 1 square wave sub-oscillator, 1 noise generator
Oscillator calibration range22Hz-6.8KHz. Guaranteed note range at 8′ of Note 18 to 116
Mod SourcesTriangle, Square, Saw, Ramp, SH, Filter Envelope
Mod DestinationsPitch, Osc 2 Pitch Only, Filter, Waveshape
FilterMoog Ladder Filter 20Hz-20Khz
Audio Input1xTS
Audio Output1xTS, 1xTRS Headphone
Presets4 Banks, 4 Patches Per Bank
MIDI I/ODIN In, Out, and MIDI over USB
CV/Gate InputsFilter CV, Pitch CV, Volume CV, KB Gate
Transposition+/- 2 Octaves

The design of the instrument is reassuringly high quality. It feels heavy and solid. The knobs do not wobble. The design is chunky and sleek at the same time, featuring a curved back and retro-looking front panel.

Whom is Moog Sub Phatty best for?

If you have limited space this is definitely the smartest choice for a synthesizer. Sub Phatty is the smallest synth made by Moog Music yet. It is great for beginners and experts.

What do people say about Moog Sub Phatty?

  • Youtuber Miles Away said in his video “Moog Sub Phatty review: should you buy the Sub Phatty in 2020” accordingly: “In conclusion, I think that seven years later, yes, the Moog Sub Phatty still is a great value. .. If you are looking for a quick, easy-to-use synth for that basis, you can not go wrong.”
  • Another YouTuber, going by the name Sonicstays, finished his review with these words: “On a synth with so many routing possibilities I would like to have seen aftertouch because that is what you are getting in a lot of other synths that have these kinds of facilities. .. But on the whole, I think for that Moog sound if you can not stretch to one at the top of the range this is going to get you an awful lot Moog for that money.” 
  • Adrian D., on the website, commented on the synthesizer: “Wow awesome synth. Moog gets an A for this. Analog snarl all day long, the multi-drive feature is so great creates even more grit! Puts all mono synth plugins I have to shame. Add compression in your DAW and it will tame it for your recordings better, after all, it has to sit in a mix properly and it’s very unbridled but I say that in a good way. Huge sounding. Nice. Loved it so much I bought the Minitaur as well for more Bass voiced sounds.”
  • Ed L., on the same website as mentioned before, said so: “We are having some fun with this little wonder. Great intro synth for kids, as well as all the dials, are there and you can just twiddle around and learn synthesis as you play. Sonically, it is very much an “instrument” and not just a metal and plastic box.”

Sub 37

The Moog Sub 37 is a monophonic analog three-octave keyboard. Compared to the Sub Phatty, Sub 37 has more keys, coming to a whopping 37. It has an analog signal path and digital modulators.

The Sub is not for those with a small budget. It retails for 1499 USD


  • All of its features are shown on the front panel with no need for Shift Mode.
  • Duo mode
  • The synthesizer sports a screen.
  • You can tune the portamento and legato to your exact liking with its Glide section.
  • Richer low end and greater sonic dimension


  • It can be a bit of a hassle navigating the menu with just three buttons.
  • There are a couple of facilities and bugs to be tidied up.
  • There are no analog CV/Gate outputs


Benefits make the synth fall in place with whatever tempo you currently want you can use the rate knob and companion Tap button. There’s also 64-step sequencer included

Specifications of Moog Sub 37

Sound sourceswo oscillators, one square-wave sub-oscillator, one noise generator, one external/feedback input
FilterLow-pass, resonant, 6-, 12-, 18- and 24dB/Oct, with overdrive
Contour generatorsTwo DAHDSR with sync-able looping, reset, latch and sync
Number of modulators2
Modulation sourcesSync’able 0.1Hz to 1kHz LFO (triangle, square, sawtooth, ramp, S&H) plus 10 programmable sources
Modulation destinationsOsc1 & Osc2 pitch, Osc1 & Osc2 waveshape, noise level, filter cutoff frequency, VCA level, rate of other LFO, plus 83 programmable destinations
ArpeggiatorUp/Down/Up-Down/Ordered/Random, sync’able
Sequencer64-step, programmable per patch, sync’able
ScreenBacklit 128 x 64 pixel LCD
Audio OutputQuarter-inch mono out, TRS mono headphone output
CV & Gate inputsFilter CV, pitch CV, volume CV, Gate
MIDI I/OIn & Out over five-pin DIN and USB

The synthezisor is good quality, as expected from Moog. It is solid, does not wobble on the table and the sound is as good as it gets.

Additional features of Moog Sub 37

  • Contrary to its predecessor, Sub 37 has been given additional performance-enhancing features such as Aftertouch
  • The synthesizer offers 256 memories.
  • Duo Mode allows you to play Oscillator 1 and Oscillator 2 independently.

Warranty: All Moog instruments come with a 1 year warranty, but you can can extend that warranty 3 years to reach a total of 4 years, ensuring that your investment is protected

Who is Moog Sub 37 best for?

Since the instrument is rather complicated to use and it is expensive, I would say that it is directed at a more experienced player. 

What do people say about Moog Sub 37?

  • A popular music instrument review channel called Sonicstate said so in his Sub 37 review: “I quite like the fact that this synthesizer can get out of control which for a sort of front panel keyboard bass synthesizer is quite a rarity actually, and it is a testament to the depth of the amount of routing and the possibilities that you get in what is essentially quite a small package.”
  • “Not a lot of negatives with the Moog Sub 37, the Oscillators were very stable while we were using it, although the synth did freeze up a couple of times when I switched patches while latched arpeggiated parts were playing, that is understandable,” said youtube creator B&H Photo Video on his video called “Hands-On Review: Moog | Sub 37 Analog Synthesizer
  • On the website called, user AndreiPetru said the following: “I will never sell this synth, you buy it and you just know it’s a great piece of gear with true analog power. If you’re looking for some powerful analog synth with some greatness from the Moog sound, this is it, go for it!”
  • User Ted SingdahlsenI’s comment on the synth: “I have owned (and played) so many synthesizers, analog, modular, digital… I have lost count. This one is the best I’ve played. The added headroom for the mixer may seem like an arcane technical detail, but it makes a big difference. With a delay or reverb, the Subsequent 37 comes to life in a deeply satisfying way. FWIW, I am a big fan of Harmonia and Krautrock in general. The integration with the editor app is excellent, almost flawless.”


The Moog Sub Phatty and Sub 37 are similar in various ways, often sporting the same features. Sub 37 does have extra patch memory, which could be deciding factor for some. The Sub Phatty is less expensive but offers almost the same features as Sub 37. Moog did make improvements with the Sub 37, but at the end of the day, both synthesizers are of great quality and amazing tools for creating new music. Moog is known for its top-quality instruments and whichever one you choose it will be guaranteed that you are not going to be disappointed.

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