Best 1/2 guitar review – Oscar Schmidt OGHS-A-U review

OGHS-A-U introduction

This article will provide you with all the necessary information about the Oscar Schmidt OGHS-A-U. If you are interested in buying the Oscar Schmidt OGHS-A-U or you just want to know more about the guitar, you should keep on reading.

Product Description

This guitar uses Spruce tonewood for the top. The back and sides are made with Catalpa. It features a solid mahogany neck. It comes with die-cast tuners to keep the tuning of the instrument stable. The instrument also has a truss rod which is fully adjustable. Other extras include a rosewood bridge and a nice herringbone style trim around the instrument. In addition, the Oscar Schmidt OGHS-A-U has steel strings which makes them more resistant to the effects of the heat.


The prices can vary depending on the website and country you are buying her from, but mainly the price stays between 120 and 200 euros. You can check the latest offers here!


  • Uses steel strings, no nylon
  • Looks great with nice extras
  • Big sound for the size


  • Steel strings are tougher on younger hands
  • A bit harder to play than nylon 1/2 guitar
  • May need some initial setup for the action

Is it Worth it?

If you are looking for an affordable guitar that you can use either for travel or you want to purchase it as a beginners guitar for a child then I suggest you go for it. The Oscar Schmidt OGHS-A-U has steel strings that make a louder sound than the nylon strings, so you should take into consideration that the guitar is noisier by its self. 

In-Depth Review of the above articles


When looking for the best 1/2 size guitar with steel strings, it can be a little frustrating. That all changes with the Oscar Schmidt OGHS-A-U 1/2 Size Dreadnought. This is an excellent Dreadnought style 1/2 size acoustic guitar. The best part is that it doesn’t use nylon strings; it is a steel-string acoustic.


  • Size: 1/2
  • Dimensions 104.14 x 19.69 x 39.37 cm
  • Weight: 2.13 kilograms
  • Product Colour: Natural
  • Colour: Natural
  • Surface treatment: Gloss
  • Type: Dreadnought
  • Cutaway: No
  • Body Construction: Layered
  • Top/Face: Spruce
  • Back Plate: Catalpa
  • Sides/Ribs: Catalpa
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Scale: 556 mm
  • Number of strings: 6
  • Number of frets: 20
  • Nut Width: 38 mm
  • Fingerboard: Tech Wood
  • Bridge: Tech Wood
  • Nut: NuBone
  • Pickup: No
  • Pickup Type: N/A
  • Model electronics: N/A
  • Controls: N/A
  • Integrated Tuner: No
  • Tuning machines: Die-Cast
  • Hardware: Chrome
  • Hard Case: No
  • Case: No
  • Country of Origin: China


The instrument has a select spruce top as well as Catalpa sides and back. The guitar has engineered tech wood on the bridge and fingerboard. The instrument has a nice high gloss finish which looks great.

Additional Features:

The OGHS is a 1/2 size dreadnought guitar. This is a great guitar for children to start or step up to from a nylon string guitar. Also available in a left-handed version.

  • Handcrafted quality
  • 1/2 size dreadnought style
  • Select spruce top
  • Catalpa sides & back
  • High gloss finish
  • Rosewood fingerboard & bridge
  • Fully adjustable truss rod


Oscar Schmidt instruments are warranted to be free from defective materials and craftsmanship from the date of purchase to the original purchaser when purchased from an authorized Oscar Schmidt dealer.

Duration Of Coverage

The duration of coverage varies by instrument type and in some instances the specific aspect of the instrument.

  • Autoharps have a five year, non-transferable warranty.
  • Electronic controls are covered for a period of one year.
  • Other instruments including Oscar Schmidt acoustic guitars, electric guitars, basses, bluegrass and ukuleles provide a limited lifetime warranty, which is non-transferable.

Oscar Schmidt will repair or replace, at its option, any Oscar Schmidt instrument or part thereof which is found by Oscar Schmidt to be defective. The customer pays transportation costs to and from Oscar Schmidt. Oscar Schmidt reserves the right to use materials readily available at the time of the repair. Warranty service requires a copy of the Proof of Purchase (sales receipt) to be presented at the time of service request.

Who Is It Best For?

This is the perfect guitar for anyone that wants a half-sized instrument but the full sound of an acoustic guitar.

If you need a solid and dependable guitar when you travel. You get that from Oscar Schmidt with the OGHS-A-U ½ sided acoustic guitar. 

Due to the size of this guitar (it is much smaller than a regular dreadnaught) it is the ideal guitar for anyone that wants to travel and needs a small guitar for tight spaces. 

What Do People Say About It?

You can find some feedback and guitar reviews on Amazon, Sweetwater and Thomann. Overall the Oscar Schmidt OGHS-A-U has been rated on average 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon Review.

Amazon Reviews #1“Purchased for 8 yr old girl to begin lessons. Much better than other small guitars that sound too play-like. Great purchase!”

Amazon Reviews  #2“Great little guitar for the youngster who’s ready to step up to a steel-string acoustic. It might be a little larger than some other 1/2 size guitars. Fit and finish comparable to many $200-$300 full-size guitars. Lifetime warranty.”

To get a better idea of how the guitar sounds and looks like, we have provided you with a couple of Youtube videos, where you can get a quick demo of the guitar. 

YouTube Review #1 – This video is a quick demo of the Oscar Schmidt OGHS-A-U.

Youtube Review #2 – This is a great video for those who are looking to buy a guitar for a child. By watching this you will not only get a better understanding for what you pay for but also get a better idea of the quality of the guitar and how it is built. 

The Verdict: Is it Worth It?

This Oscar Schmidt is an excellent choice for anyone that wants to travel and needs a good guitar that sounds great. This guitar has a smooth and comfortable neck. The instrument has extras such as a nice rosette design and a logo on the headstock. The tuners are stable and the guitar keeps it tuning longer than similar guitars. This guitar is the perfect size for the overhead compartment in a plane, a small space in a boat, and much more. You will save space, but still, be able to play when you own this Oscar Schmidt guitar. But not only is this guitar suitable for travel but also it is a great starting point for beginners, especially kids, who want to learn how to play on a guitar.

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