Review of the Esteban guitars

Introduction of Esteban guitars

This article will provide you with all the necessary information about the Yamaha Esteban guitars. If you are interested in buying any of the Esteban guitars or you just want to know more about the guitars Esteban is creating, you should keep on reading.

Product Description

Esteban is the stage name of a charismatic classical guitarist who was obscure until he lent his name on a guitar. His guitars are the budget cheap Yamaha in the guitar world. In truth, Esteban guitars are not the bad guitar, but most musicians don’t want to have one. You can expect an Esteban guitar to be marginally playable and buy one for life because selling one is a hard case and borderline impossible.

Esteban guitars are not the best in the class of inexpensive guitar sides, but in the end, if you consider buying one, you can expect a playable guitar-shaped object. Esteban guitars are a reasonable investment to consider for beginners. You can get to know the strumming and note patterns, figure out fingerpicking, and other classical playing needs with this affordable instrument. It’s not of the quality a pro would want for concerts or paying gigs.

The design includes a compensated saddle, rosewood bridge, ebony fretboard, and chrome sealed tuners. Its body uses a spruce top, maple sides, and a mahogany neck. All of that

Guitar sounds

Playing guitar from Esteban is antastic at first glance, pretty good. Once you start seeing how the guitar is built, the craftsmanship begins to show why the reviews for this instrument are so bad across so many websites. If you don’t want to spend much money and only want to learn guitar fundamentals, this instrument could be an option.

When you prefer something that can grow with you, better playability, this entry-level dreadnought struggles to keep up. To be fair, an instrument’s quality from any brand can be hit or miss. You’ll discover that with Esteban guitars, there tends to be an American legacy, but not the first choice for many players.

Esteban guitar price

The prices can vary depending on the website and country you are buying her from, but mainly the price stays between 50 and 280 euros.

  • Not expensive guitars
  • Some models have cool designs
  • The build is robust
  • Cheap to maintain
  • Ready to play from the box
  • Difficult to play with
  • No real guitar feel
  • Can feel uncomfortable
  • Build quality can be questionable
  • Weird buzzing sounds when playing
  • No resale value

Are those acoustic guitars Worth it?

It depends on your personal needs as a musician. If you like the name of some of the designs of the guitars then go for it as Esteban American legacy. Although, some other guitars may be better looking and are also of a better quality of sound, and they are more playable. If you can pick one up for a cheap price, it could be a bargain and satisfy your needs for a lifetime. The guitars are also good for beginners who are not sure if they want to play for long periods of time. The Esteban guitars are therefore a good choice for beginners.

Benefits of Esteban acoustic guitars :

The Esteban guitars are cheap and ultimately reliable. They are good for beginners and people who do not want too much from a guitar. It can be played and it creates the necessary notes, but it can be uncomfortable and sometimes even a bit buzzy. The guitars are cheap, but reliable and could be a great start for beginners. Esteban guitar came with some equipment from the store. You can hope for:

  • A full-size “electric steel string”.
  • All wood instruments with “on Board” equalizer – emphasized as “onboard electronics.”
  • Esteban’s “powerful amplifier with master controls,” plus an overdrive button.
  • A ten-foot guitar amp cable.
  • “Deluxe” hard-sided nylon case with an interior storage compartment.
  • Two instructional lesson DVDs that offer three hours of lessons.
  • Two lesson books.
  • One “Esteban Polishing Cloth.”
  • Extra strings, straps, picks, and an “alien key.”


The guitars are sturdy – that is one thing that can be said about Esteban guitars. The build quality is created to be possibly carried around and played by also beginners. The strong building quality also means a strong neck that is kept from bending and ruining the guitar. Therefore, the most important part of the guitar is safe from being not compatible with the body itself.

The body is also usually strong and sturdy, but most of the guitars being acoustic, bodies are not as durable. Yet, the fretboard and frets themselves can be uncomfortable, too big or bulky and it might lack the necessary compatibility with the player for the guitarist to really start enjoying playing the guitar.

Additional Features:

Strong body and compatibility with many different strings due to a strong neck. Many of the reviews have mentioned a durable and sturdy build. The aforementioned features are mostly all of the best and most useful features of the Esteban guitars. 


Warranty is provided and custom-made by the retailers considering the individual needs of every customer.

Who Is It Best For?

Their target market for the guitars had to be first-time players who wanted to learn. Any instrument at a cheap price with some extras is a great deal.

There are certainly people who learned how to play this instrument on an Esteban guitar successfully and have fond memories of the experience. It is essential to note that those outcomes are the exceptions to the documented incidents that people have had with this instrument. You don’t need to have a fantastic reputation to be famous. That’s why the legend of Esteban guitars persists.

What Do People Say About It?

You can find some feedback and guitar reviews on Amazon, Sweetwater, and Thomann. Overall the Esteban Guitars have been rated on average 3.9  out of 5 stars on Amazon Review.

Amazon Reviews #1

“I got this guitar as part of an estate, it is alright for beginners and mine was one of the better sounding “cheap” guitars out there so I think it is a great guitar. Definitely not the worst guitars as I’ve heard, I enjoyed it! The top seemed a little weak and had to file the bottom of the bridge saddle a bit to make it feel right.

As with all economy and beginner guitars use ultra-light strings or lighter on them. Take the battery out when not using the electronics. Look up “checking your guitar’s action” if you’re a beginner, this will help immensely when learning to play the thing, and plan on upgrading in a year or two (do all these things for any economy guitar.”

Amazon Reviews #2

“I would like to share a positive review. I purchased the Esteban American Legacy guitar package a year ago now. Being a beginner I didn’t know much about guitars. This package arrived shortly after I ordered it.

The package arrived in excellent condition. The amp sounds awesome. It is nice to play acoustic or electric. Unbelievable the sounds you can get with the different settings, the overdrive is pretty raunchy too. After hearing more expensive guitars I am really impressed with how much better this guitar sounds than them. So all in all I give this guitar a 5 out of 5 all the way around and am quite pleased with it.”

To get a better idea of how the guitar sounds and looks like, we have provided you with a couple of Youtube videos, where you can get a quick demo of some of the Esteban guitars. 

YouTube Review #1

Esteban Celebration Fireworks Limited Edition ’08 (must see!) I have been playing the guitar for many years and I know guitars. I purchased this as a gift for a friend of ours that wanted to learn to play. It plays very well, the sound is great and there is even a possibility to learn from the DVDs. I recommend this guitar to anyone, beginner or pro…it’s just a good guitar (especially for the price).Great gift for friends!”

Youtube Review #2

I was very impressed with the sound of this guitar for what it is! The comparison between me playing it without the Bridge Doctor and then with it installed really isn’t a valid test because in the first play the strings were in about as bad of shape as they could be, so new Elixir strings alone would be a big improvement, but still for a low-end guitar the thing doesn’t sound bad at all and probably is the easiest playing Esteban guitar on this planet! Thanks to all for hanging out with me throughout this series and for your support! A slight Q-ball attack for your viewing pleasure bonus!

The Verdict: Is it Worth It?

As said before, the Esteban guitars are good value for money and if you can get your hands on one for cheap, then you should really consider buying it for a trip where you do not want to take your main guitar or guitars. The build is sturdy and made for steel strings. If played correctly, you could find a lot to be great about this guitar.

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