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Stagg SA20ACE NAT Auditorium Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar – Natural 


This article will provide you with all the necessary information about the Stagg SA20ACE NAT Auditorium Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar. If you are interested in buying the Stagg SA20ACE or you just want to know more about the guitar, you should keep on reading.

Product Description

Stagg’s wide range of guitars encompasses many different models, from acoustic to electric via electro-acoustic. Whether classical or rock, jazz or folk… there is a Stagg guitar for every occasion and for every budget. Most other stringed instruments (bass guitars, electric double basses, ukuleles, banjos and mandolins) are also available from Stagg.

  • Nato neck with black stained maple fingerboard and bridge 
  • Active preamp system with equalizer; volume, bass, middle and treble control with phase switch
  • Auditorium cutaway shape body with basswood top, back and sides
  • Open gear nickel hardware 
  • Natural high gloss finish


The prices can vary depending on the website and country you are buying her from, but mainly the price stays between 150 and 200 dollars. You can check the latest offer here!


  • You can amp it up
  • Nice acoustic sound


  • The strings the use for electro-acoustic guitars are usually very hard to work with

Is it Worth it?

If you are looking for a guitar that is reasonably priced and sounds decent, then I suggest you go for the Stagg SA20ACE. It has rich tones to the sound and keeps its tuning, which is all a beginner is looking for in a guitar. Not only is it a good starting guitar but also a great and enjoyable instrument for intermediate players. Considering its size, it is a suitable guitar for travel. It is also very beautiful to look at, the design of the guitar is simple and you can get it in various colours.

In-Depth Review of the above articles


  • Electro-acoustic
    Not only good as a beginner’s guitar but as one that can be used for some more advanced purposes. Just get an amplifier, and you will have a top-notch electric guitar.
  • Great longevity
    Made mostly of basswood, it excels in the field of durability. It will last not only long enough for your needs but for the needs of your grandchildren as well!
  • Great finish and appearance
    With such a stylish finish (high gloss natural with white purfling), this guitar is worth buying just for its looks. Jokes aside, it’s a great-looking guitar, and you can even use it as room décor if you decide that the guitar is just not for you.
  • Ideal for beginners or students
    Simply, it’s a good option for those who are looking for a cheap guitar with great sound quality, but it will appeal to the more advanced player as well.


Item Weight6.19 pounds
Product Dimensions42 x 14 x 6 inches
Item model numberSA20ACE NAT
Top Material TypeMaple
Body MaterialBasswood
Back Material TypeBasswood
Neck Material TypeNato Wood
Fretboard Material TypeMaple
String Material TypeNickel
Guitar Bridge SystemFixed
Number of Strings6


With the Stagg SA20ACE Electro-Acoustic Guitar, you can create an authentic acoustic sound whilst enjoying all the benefits of an electric guitar. It has plenty of control options, including volume, treble, bass and more.

It also looks and sounds amazing thanks to its high gloss finish, hollow body and open-gear tuners.

Additional Features:

It features an active pre-amp with onboard volume, bass, middle and treble controls, a phase switch and a low battery indicator. We know that as a beginner you don’t even need these options, you just want to figure out whether you are able to play or not. But, who knows, maybe someday you will progress to a more advanced level and decide to amplify your guitar for a gig. This guitar has a Florentine cutaway which helps a lot when just starting out, making the grip much easier, and enabling you to reach those high frets. In addition, the fingerboard and bridge are of black stained maple, meaning that the comfort of holding bare chords (the hardest ones for a beginner) is guaranteed.


Stagg Music provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty for its clients. 

This guitar is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials or workmanship from the original date of purchase. EMD will, at its discretion, replace or repair any STAGG® product or part thereof, which is found by EMD to be defective. EMD reserves the right to use materials that are readily available at the time of the repair

Who Is It Best For?

For those who want to start playing the guitar and potentially go pro later, this one is just perfect. It’s an electro-acoustic guitar, so whenever you feel like amplifying your guitar and going viral, just do it! It’s made entirely of basswood – top, back and sides – which improves the guitar’s longevity. With a high-quality finish, this guitar is a beauty. If you felt like it, you could even hang it on the wall as a statement piece, but who would choose to do that when it produces such a high-quality sound? Coming from Stagg, a relatively new guitar manufacturer that has taken the market by storm, this one is definitely worth considering.

What Do People Say About It?

You can find some feedback and Stagg SA20ACE reviews on Amazon, Sweetwater and Thomann. Overall the Stagg SA20ACE has been rated on average 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon Review.

Amazon Reviews #1“This guitar has a great sound and is lightweight and easy to handle. It plays well. Action is at a comfortable place. The E string broke on the first tune-up, but I keep spare strings in, so it wasn’t an issue. I have a couple of Stagg guitars already – a classical and a dreadnought – but I wanted to go electro-acoustic. The quality of their guitars is good for the price range. I found this particular guitar very easy to play, and I’m looking forward to many hours of enjoyment with it.

The guitar comes with an Amp lead, and a battery fitted, and an alien key for neck adjustment.”

Amazon Reviews #2“I ordered this for my son who’s been playing the guitar for a couple of years and needed a new one, but this is our first foray into the electro-acoustic territory. My son really likes the fact that he can plug it into the amp (the lead is supplied) and feel a little like a rock star, while we like that he can also play it simply as an acoustic guitar; in any case, the sound for such a small and reasonably priced guitar is great, though I’m by no means an expert. The fitted battery (still shrink-wrapped on delivery) allows a few features to come into play: Note, Pitch, Volume, Phase, Bass, Middle and Treble, along with low-battery indicator light. As there were no instructions and we’re new to electro-acoustic guitars, we had to experiment to see what each button/dial does; the neatest is Pitch, which allows pitch-perfect tuning.

Notable mentions

Another reviewer commented that the strings are set far too high to practise easily and comfortably. My son is nearly 10, with fairly small hands, but he’s had no problems playing a couple of favourite tunes; maybe this will make itself known during longer practice sessions or lessons. Some reviewers mention that it’s a full-size guitar (again, I’ve little previous experience) but my son says it’s just right for him.

I think this would be an ideal first guitar for slightly older children and teenagers or a step up from a simple and cheap acoustic guitar, where children have already demonstrated that they enjoy playing the instrument and can stick to practice and lessons, without spending too much money.”

To get a better idea of how the Stagg SA20ACE sounds and looks like, we have provided you with a couple of Youtube videos, where you can get a quick demo of the guitar. 

YouTube Review #1 – This short review by Stagg Music will give you a better idea of how the guitar looks like, how it sounds and what are the benefits of having a Stagg SA20ACE

Youtube Review #2 – This is a Stagg SA20ACE unboxing video, for those who want to get the full experience of Stagg before actually purchasing one. This video is in Spanish, but despite that, you will be provided with a great demo of the guitar. 

The Verdict: Is it Worth It?

Overall, it’s an instrument that comes in at an affordable price point category. Astonishingly great value electro-acoustic, with a cutaway from Stagg! It can be amplified and used for more advanced purposes such as gigs, recording, etc. Also the small-bodied guitar is ideal for beginners as well as travelling. It has everything that a beginner could dream of: cutaway, comfy thin neck and a great sound! 

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