Wurlitzer electric pianos review

This article will provide you with all the necessary information about the Wurlitzer electric pianos. If you are interested in buying the Wurlitzer electric pianos or you just want to know more about the keyboard, you should keep on reading.

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Product Description

The Wurlitzer was invented by radio engineer and inventor Benjamin Miessner. Originally, the design was an amplified, conventional upright piano. The Wurlitzer company took that design but replaced the strings of the piano with struck steel reed.

The earliest version for sale was the Wurlitzer 100 series. These were heavy pieces that had a case made from fiberboard and were fitted with a single speaker. Despite their weight, these are all portable models of Wurlitzer pianos. They have legs that can be removed and put back in at will.

Wurlitzer 200A

Wurlitzer 200

Wurlitzer 140

Wurlitzer 140B

A Wurlitzer 120 


The price range for Wurlitzer acoustic pianos in good condition is roughly $600 for a Spinet piano, up to $1500 – the top price is reached by Console piano-type instruments. However, it should be kept in mind that the prices of individual instruments on the market depend on various factors.

Wurlitzer 200A – can go for as little as 800$ for a unit in poor condition. That said a perfectly restored 200A in a rare colour will sell for up to $6,000

Wurlitzer 200 – these pianos go for anywhere from $800 to $4,000. The average price would be $1,500 to $2,000. 

Wurlitzer  140/140B – this model will go from $2,000 to $4,000 depending on the condition. They are rare and usually poorly taken care of.

Wurlitzer 120 – These keyboards are expensive. They will go for anywhere between $3,000 and $6,000. 


Wurlitzer pianos are a cool piece to add to your vintage collection. If you are the type of person who takes pianos seriously and have been dealing with pianos for a while, I suggest you can consider buying one if interested. It is a cool piece to add to your collection or have it at home as an interior decoration statement.


Wurlitzer Pianos are antique. It is very expensive to restore on and tune it. If you are looking for a piano tht=at can be playable from the start, then I suggest you look at other offers like Yamaha. Not only are some of the models extremely difficult to come by but also the ones that are in good shape can cost a fortune.

Is the Wurlitzer electric piano Worth it?

It is important to note, that the Wurlitzer electric piano was a popular student instrument in schools and colleges. Wurlitzer made non-portable, console versions of their electric pianos for this purpose.

It is worth noting that the slightly lower performance of Wurlitzer pianos, and the resulting more favourable price, can in many cases be an advantage for these instruments. When we begin our adventure with the piano, it is often difficult to predict whether we will actually go into musical development seriously. 

In-Depth Review of the above articles

Benefits of the Wurlitzer electric pianos:

It should definitely be noted that these are mid-range instruments, primarily intended for beginners and for home use. However, the advantage of Wurlitzer pianos is that they are robust and solidly built. Despite the fact that compared to the top brands, Wurlitzer pianos are rather average, they have played an important role in the mass market. Thanks to their affordable price, they attracted many Americans who could not afford to buy a more expensive instrument. It is worth noting that at the time of Wurlitzer’s beginnings, market prices for instruments were extremely high. After Wurlitzer was acquired by Baldwin, Wurlitzer pianos continued to be produced as mid-range instruments.


Wurlitzer 200A 

Height – approximately 33 inches / 84 cm

Lenght – approximately 40 inches / 102 cm

Depth – approximately 19 inches / 49 cm 

Weight – approximately 56 lbs 

Wurlitzer 200 

Height – approximately 33 inches / 84 cm

Lenght – approximately 40 inches / 102 cm

Depth – approximately 19 inches / 49 cm 

Weight – approximately 56 lbs /

Wurlitzer 140/140B 

Height –

Lenght –

Depth –

Weight –

Wurlitzer 120 

Height – 7 inches / 

Lenght – 39 inches / 

Depth – approximately 19inches / 

Weight – 

110 volts, A.C.

60 Cycle

AC Wattage Consumption: 60

Quality of the Wurlitzer electric piano

Wurlitzer pianos are considered to be extremely durable. They featured the Wurl-On Finish which was resistant to cold, heat, dryness, and moisture. Wurlitzer pianos may not be considered to be on the same level as Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, or Yamaha but they are considered to be solid instruments.

Additional Features:

Wurlitzer excelled in piano design. It developed the “Pentagonal Soundboard”, “Tone crafted hammers”, and other unique innovations to help its pianos produce a richer, fuller tone.


Wurlitzer is an antique piano brand that doesn’t provide a warranty that is currently valid. You can buy a Wurlitzer piano from a resale store where the price, as well as the conditions of the guarantee and returns, can vary depending on the model and state of the piano.  

Who Is the Wurlitzer electric piano Best For?

A Wurlitzer piano in good condition as a learning instrument should meet the requirements of beginners. 

What Do People Say About It?

You can find a lot of information about the Wurlitzer pianos and their history on the internet. Unfortunately, Amazon has no reviews neither ratings of the Wurlitzer Pianos. 

To get a better idea of how the piano sounds and looks like, we have provided you with a couple of Youtube videos, where you can get a quick piano and sound review.

YouTube Review #1 – In this video, you will see a demonstration of the Wurlitzer 200A model. In addition, this video will give you a better idea of how a Wurlitzer 200A sounds like when fully repaired and tuned properly. 

Youtube Review #2 – This is a demo of a 1959 Wurlitzer 120 model. 

Youtube Review #3 – A quick demo of the Wurlitzer 140B Model. This video also provides a demo of the Vibrato effect.

Youtube Review #4 – Wurlitzer was one of the most popular American pianos. Every once and a while you come across a piano that has sat in a living room, kept in tune, and rarely played. Better than that, this piano is a Southern California piano and is nearly like new inside and out. It has the original matching bench. There was a completely different methodology to piano manufacturing in the United States compared to the countless Asian piano companies which have taken their place. These pianos were built to last with hardwoods, not particle board. If you were to buy an American made upright today, you would have to spend 10 times as much. There is great value when you can find a piano like this.

The Verdict

The rich history of the Wurlitzer Company reveals trends and developments in the music industry. As far as acoustic upright and grand pianos of this brand are concerned, although they are not among the most highly regarded, they have their value and place in the music market. 

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