Yamaha P115 Review

Yamaha has made enormous actions to enhance their devices to be able to successful and profitable. The Yamaha P115 has replaced the preceding model P105. It is a new product in the compact product line. A digital piano with a sleek and compact design is what all pianists look for, and the P115 is just that.

The Yamaha P115 has pre-installed samples from CFIIIS 9 Grand piano and showcases some excellent features like Tri-sensor actions with GHS. It is ideal for home usage and is great for gigs for its excellent piano sound output. 

We have researched thoroughly about the Yamaha P115, and here’s everything we have to offer. This article will help you explore its specifications, features, and every detail that this digital piano has. 

Product discription

It has a formal hammer action, and it is a full-sized digital piano with 88 weighted keys and features Tri-Sensor Hammer Action keys which means the harder you press the keys, the louder the tone becomes.

The external amplifiers and other devices get connected to the piano through an auxiliary cable. The piano as a matter of fact is not only compact but also pretty portable. You can effortlessly carry the keyboard without any additional assistance.

The Price of Yamaha P115 is $782.96. It is a beautiful and unique digital piano that is available at a pocket-friendly price.


  • Yamaha P115 has a 192 note polyphony which is excellent compared to the other models in this section, which have about 64 notes.
  • It uses a Pure CF engine.
  • It has non-slippery full-weighted keys.
  • Built-in library with 50 songs.
  • 14 premium instrument sounds.
  • Graded Hammer Action keyboard with 88 keys.
  • It can easily simulate the grand piano sound.
  • It comes with versatile sensitivity settings.
  • The piano is great for both amateur and professional pianists.


  • Not many options for sound customization are available.
  • It has no display, but you can use the Digital Piano Controller app, formulated by Yamaha, especially for iOS devices. The app will enable the regulation of different parameters like voice, modes, etc.
  • The low ends keys are pretty heavier.
  • It does not alter the standard “Equal Temperament” to different tuning networks like Pure major.

Is The Yamaha P115 Worth It?

The Yamaha P115 is an excellent buy given the affordable price range it comes in. Although it does not have too many additional features, it is undoubtedly an excellent investment for beginner pianists.

In-Depth Reviews of The Yamaha P115


#1 192 Polyphonies

The Yamaha P115 has an increased number of polyphonies. Digital piano has a flexible acoustic control, and there are options for adjusting the sensitivity of the tips. It is very manageable to put away when it is not in practice.

Yamaha P115 is straightforward to change the piano positions, and there are plenty of keyboard bags that will fit the piano. The high-end keys are pretty feather-light, which makes them easy to use.

#2 Setting

The intricate setting of the keyboard allows you to play the guitar with enormous eloquence. The fixed setting of the keyboard makes it less sensitive, and the same amount of volume is generated no matter how hard or soft the piano is played. The medium setting feels like the most natural piano.

#3 Reverb

There are four types of reverb available on the keyboard of the piano. They are Recital Hall, Concert Hall, Chamber, and Club. You can adjust the profundity of the reverb from 0 to 21.

#4 Footswitch

It comes with a basic footswitch which may look like a flimsy one but is a compact footswitch.

In addition, it also comes with a case which makes it easier for you to carry it to places.

Specifications of The Yamaha P115

  • It has exceptional touch sensitivity, or four presets (Hard, Medium, Soft, Fixed)
  • Lesson Function (ability to practice each hand’s part separately)
  • Weighs 11.8 kg (26 lbs.)
  • Modes: Duo, Split, Dual. 
  • 88 full-weighted keys with matte black keytops
  • Graded Hammer Standard action
  • Sound: Pure CF Sound Engine. It also comes with an excellent Sound boost and intelligent Acoustic supervision.
  • Two-track MIDI recorder, which enables recording the performances on the

internal memory in the SMF format. The recordings are not the actual sound of the instrument but the MIDI data. 

  • Two dedicated speakers transmit full, rich low frequency, and the onboard speakers are adequate for using it casually at home.
  • A built-in library in the device already includes 50 presets that you can easily play back.
  • 14 instrument sounds: It will allow you to remake the conventional click tone of the metronome to one of the 14 built-in rhythms, including Disco, Jazz, and so on.
  • The Auto function of this piano staves off excessive power consumption by automatically shutting the piano off after 30 minutes of no use. You can disable the feature.
  • Fifty preset piano songs + 14 demo songs.

The split mode divides the keyboard into two broad parts, and it even allows to play dual instrument sound in each category. The split point can also be changed where the keyboard is divided. 

The dual mode of the keyboard enables the user to play two varied sounds in the same way across the entire expanse of the keyboard. It also allows splitting the keyboard into two halves, each having ranges that can be identified.


The Yamaha P115 has an excellent sound output and is packed with fantastic features like the GUI controlling app, sound boost, Intelligent Acoustic Control, and so on. It has a simple design, it is sleek, and it has a very impressive red lining on the top of the keys.

The most affordable hammer action mechanism is GHS action (Graded Hammer Standard), the keyboard action. GHS is a bit hard, which is suitable for building the strength of the finger and the technique required for playing the instrument smoothly. The piano keys are made up of plastics and do not have a synthetic key top.

Additional Features of The Yamaha P115

  • It is a versatile instrument that can use for a wide variety of settings.
  • In addition to the recording and other features and soundtrack styles, there are more than 13 dedicated switches.
  • The quality of the sound is compelling. It delivers an exceptionally realistic and audible sound. It makes the sound more meaningful and stimulating.
  • You can use an adapter or charger to connect the piano to an iPhone or iPad. It allows you to regulate the parameters of the piano in an automatic visible way.
  • The devices come with many accessories like Music Rest, Footswitch, AC power adapter, Owner’s manual, etc.
  • It comes with a basic Yamaha Footswitch, which is relatively compact. Yamaha also offers the optional LP – 5A 3 – pedal unit for the P115 for an even more practical playing knowledge.

The warranty of the product is more than three years.

Who Is The Yamaha P115 Best For?

It is remarkable for beginners and intermediate and advanced players, and it is easy to access.

What Do People Say About The Yamaha P115?

Amazon Reviews:

#1 Great sound and very portable

#2 Excellent key finishing and sound output

Youtube Reviews:

#1 Realistic sound notes

#2 Amazing sound

The Verdict: Is The Yamaha P115 Worth It?

The Yamaha P115 is worth a buy. It comes with some exceptional functions and features.

In terms of design, it is pretty sleek and straightforward, which makes it look somewhat out-of-the-box.

Yamaha P115 offers ten different pianist styles such as Boogie, Blues, Rag, and so on, making the piano innovative from sound and feature facets. It is exactly like a digital piano, and it does give an authentic playing experience. Digital piano has a great recording feature that analyzes and assesses the performance. It has precisely the right amount of components required and can use the piano’s keyboard for multi-track recordings and music production.

The automatic power-off system works great, which prevents the piano from getting damaged. It comes with a protective case which makes it easier to transport the keyboard and not damage the piano quickly.

Yamaha is known for its P series pianos, their exceptional sound, voice options, and technology that works great for beginners and pro pianists.

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